Cast Iron Pneumatic Shafts

Cast Iron Pneumatic Shafts

Cast Iron pneumatic shafts:
  • Body material made from Cast Iron
  • Maximum weight toleration: 850Kg
  • Can be provided in 2.5, 3 and 6 inches with 150-1300mm of length.
  • The housing material of this type shafts are made with 100-95 HRP hardness and extrusion technique. 
  • Shafts can be customized with customers’ need and requirements.
  • Made by STARMAK OTOMASYON in Turkey
cast iron pneumatic shafts
Starmak Cast Iron pneumatic shafts:

Starmak otomasyon was established in 2008 in Turkey. After two decades of activity and experience at designing and manufacturing various sorts of air shafts and Adapters, Starmak has become one of the most famous companies of Asia & Europe. Kavan Automation, happens to be the only representative of Starmak Otomasyon in Iran.

 In a nutshell, different types of pneumatic shafts and adapters has been provided to the famous and powerful   companies of Iran with a complete after sales support.

 Pneumatic shafts are used in different industries in order to hold, wind and unwind the rolls of materials.   The rolls can be Paper, Carton, Nylon and Aluminum. Shafts and Adapters differ to many types depending   on usage and the weight of rolls. The factors such as shaft dimensions and inches and rotation speed   (RPM) are the main indicators of shaft selection.

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