IRIDIUM Coated Dr.Blades

IRIDIUM Coated Dr.Blades

C.B.G. TMC-BEVEL lamella Dr.blades
  • Lubricant Coating Specific for Flexo
  • LOWEST Friction blade / cylinder
  • IMPROVED Anilox life 
  • LONG Lasting 
  • STRICTEST tolerances
  • Blade Width: 8 – 90 mm
  • Blade Thickness: 130 – 380 μm
  • Made by C.B.G. ACCIAI in Italy 
IRIDIUM Coated Dr.Blades

High quality Dr.blade manufacturer, C.B.G ACCIAI:

C.B.G has been manufacturing and offering different types of Dr.Blades to various industries over 90 years. This company, with 9 decades of experience, thousands of successful plans and projects with continuous researches on material performance, putts all in making a better and unique product than ever with increasing the quality too.

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